Trembling Hands by Explosions by the Sky panoramic stereo
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panoramic stereo
we are just a speck of dust in this world we call universe

22 and a bit

one afternoon

balloons and a house

how hard can it be?

sometimes it better to be rude than to give false hopes

// really having a hard to sleeping

andrei ‘sudden epiphany’ & ‘insomniac’ bagasao
40 chapters in a day, phew, time to sleep
andrei ‘geeky’ bagasao

there’s nothing so sweet as to a first kiss, hey how about some sugar you dumbass

really should stop reading this stuff

andrei ‘resentful’ bagasao
the first scent of Monday greeted me with a cold shudder. and some delusional thoughts
andrei ‘delusional’ bagasao


  • (morning at work)
  • guy1 *sees his friend still has a bit of pechay in his mouth* : pare lets play a game
  • guy2 (with pechay in his mouth): cge pre ano yun
  • guy1: huhuluaan ko kinain mo kanina
  • guy2: o cge pre game! so ano?
  • guy1: ang hula ko eh... pechay ano!?
  • guy2: ah mali ka naman pare eh ....
  • ......kahapon pa yun
  • toinks basag cge lang
struggling to keep up with you, oh girl, you’ve really done it now
andrei bagasao

Today’s Playlist

Nana Mouskouri & Michel Legrand

and some jose feliciano and don mclean

sometimes something’s got to give. so pass ako sa moa fireworks saka eastwood after.
andrei bagasao
phew, fiddled with some coding
andrei bagasao

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

for a moment, everything….. is at peace

Ipad 2 Launch. its magical, and its still a toy

early morning and my hands smell of bleach, dodong mode again. bawi nalang mmyang gabi, lespartey
andrei bagasao

dagat, ang sarap mahiga sa buhangin, tangayin ang iyong isipan nang ihip nang hangin, sa dilim kita ang mahiwagang mga bituin, dagat