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was supposed to

im suppose to pick you up

drive you around, to school, to work

and im suppose to take you home

whenever you might be

im suppose to treat you dinner

and a movie afterwards

and im suppose to take you home

and kiss you goodnight

im suppose to take you places

on the beach, outside town

and im suppose to take you with me

whenever my family’s around

im suppose to tell your parents

how much i love their daughter

and im suppose to prove to them

that i could take care of you

im suppose to take care of you

when youre feeling unwell

make you a bowl of soup, give you medicine

and stay beside you till you sleep

im suppose to sing you songs

sweet lovely songs

and im suppose to take you stargazing

and sing you lullabies

youre suppose to be the queen

and ill be your king

we’ll live in a castle

made by our own hands

were suppose to rule the world

where only you and i exists

and im suppose to make your dreams come true

and its suppose to be a happy ever after

but now than i can

i let you go

and those goodnights

turned into goodbyes

and now that i cant

i guess ill find someone

someone like you

who’ll forever be in my heart

and you i did find someone

she has pretty eyes like you

and her long curly hair like yours

her skin so soft

and her lips so sweet

her voice so tenderĀ 

i could never tire listening to her

and what do you know

its you, its you my love

its you all along,

and if you want me to wait a lifetime

then i will, i will, i will